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Sunday, February 22 2015

Things to Do on St Patrick’s Day

The north Antrim coast and the Glens are full of tales from Irish myths and legends. From the story of Finn McCool and Benandonner, to the Children of Lír to the association of Slemish Mountain with St Patrick, the Glens and surrounds are full of stories. Scullion Hurls is here to help!

Climbing Slemish

There’s no better day than our national saint’s feats day on 17 March to get out and about and explore North Antrim. It has become a tradition locally for people to go to Slemish early in the morning to climb the mountain and experience what it felt like for St Patrick herding sheep. The mountain is the core of an ancient volcano reaching a height of 1500 feet. It is climbed with moderate difficulty especially if the weather isn’t great. It takes about an hour and a half to walk the kilometre and a half in the steps of St Patrick to the summit and back. The views are spectacular. We’re not sure if you can see Scullion Hurls or not but its worth trying!

Game of Thrones

The filming of the HBO blockbuster round the North Antrim areas has added a new layer of legends to the tapestry of myths associated with the North Coast. Larrybane and Ballintoy harbour featured as Renly Baratheon’s camp and the Iron Islands. The spectacular and spooky Dark Hedges near Armoy featured in the Series as the Kings Road. All of these Game of Thrones locations and more can be taken in on a tour round Loughguile and environs on a well-planned day out. We’re not sure if the warriors in the series played much hurling, if they didn’t they should have and we’d have been happy to provide the hurls. Also continuing the Game of thrones theme our own St Patrick’s Day celebrations feature local long bow maker Neal Burns. Neal will show you how you can reveal your inner warrior with a well-made bow. He may even shoot a sliotar off Dennis’ head!

The Giant’s Causeway

The Legend goes that Finn McCool heard a Scots giant called Benandonner was making little of his fighting ability. Being a proud Antrim man, he said to himself ‘That won’t do.” It’s a bit like telling a Loughgiel man he can’t hurl. Finn offered the Scots fool a fight, but Benandonner being unable to swim declined. Undeterred, Finn laid out a causeway across to Scotland that became known as the Giants Causeway. Finn initially planned to take him on with a mighty Scullion hurl in one hand, and sacred sliotar in the other like his old buddy CúChulain before him. But, he decided to humiliate the Scots ogre further by pretending to be a baby. Needless to say, there was only one winner.

Visit Scullion Hurls

On St Patrick’s Day we are inviting guests from near and far, Scots Giants, Game of Thrones Fans, St Patrick’s Day Slemish pilgrims, whoever you are, Drop in at our workshop in the hurling heartland of Loughguile for some stew, craic, craft and hand made camans. We are demonstrating the craft all day long and we’ve added in some local Celtic Art by Tommy Breen, a local artist. We’ll be giving away some spot prizes and there’s a hurl discount for everyone that books to see the hurls or long bows being made. Book now to secure your place.

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